Peer Review Process

The suitability of the manuscript for publication will assess by the peer reviewer using the double-blind review technique and the editorial board. The Chief in Editor handles all correspondence with the author and makes the final decision whether the paper is recommended for acceptance, rejection, or should be returned to the author for revision.

The Editor in Chief, Editor, and Editorial Board will evaluate the submitted paper at the prequalification step for suitability for a further review process. The manuscript will be evaluated by two qualified peer reviewers selected by the Chief in Editor. Peer reviewers should review the manuscript and return it together with their recommendations to the Chief in Editor as soon as possible, usually within 3 weeks. The Chief in Editor decides whether to accept or reject the paper.

Paper that requires revision will be returned to the author, and the author must return the revised manuscript to the Chief in Editor through the OJS page. The Chief in Editor sends the revised manuscript to the Editorial Board to check whether the manuscript is revised as suggested by peer reviewers. The Editorial Board can provide recommendations to the Chief in Editor that the manuscript must be returned to the author, accepted, or rejected within 1 week. The Chief in Editor will send a letter of acceptance announcing the issue of publication attached with a reprint of the manuscript to the author.